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An interview with the 18th Jilin Provincial Games


Zhao Xiao Lu Zhang Qi

Guest profile:

Zhao Xiaolu, deputy director of Changchun Sports Bureau, Zhang Qi, director of competition Department of Changchun Sports Bureau

Interview time:

September 2018



Introduction to the interview:

The 18th Provincial Games, hosted by Jilin Provincial People's government and undertaken by Changchun Municipal People's government, will be held in Changchun in 2018. The four-year provincial sports meeting is not only a demonstration and review of the sports work in our province, but also a good opportunity to promote the comprehensive reform and development of sports in our province. At the same time, it will accelerate the comprehensive development of the economic and social undertakings in the province. We have an interview on the preparations for the provincial games today.

Literal record

[host] Dear guests and netizens, hello. One of the contents of this year's happy Changchun action plan is to host the 18th Jilin Provincial Games, which is of great concern to the whole city. Let's ask deputy director Zhao Xiaolu to introduce the basic situation of this provincial games?

Zhao Xiaolu Good host, good friends. The provincial sports meeting is the largest and the highest level comprehensive sports event in our province. It is a big review of the sports competitive level of our province in the past four years, and also a large training to test the phased training results. The 18th Provincial Games is a large comprehensive sports event for Jilin Province to enter a new era and build a well-off society in an all-round way. The theme is to carry forward the Olympic spirit and enhance friendship and exchanges. Changchun Sports Bureau has the confidence and ability to make the 18th Provincial Games a wonderful, full and characteristic sports event, in order to promote the improvement of sports level and the national fitness campaign in Jilin Province Make contributions to development.

[host] Today's Provincial Games are hosted by the people's Government of Jilin Province and undertaken by the people's Government of Changchun City. So far, may I ask director Zhao to introduce what we have done in Changchun?

[Zhao Xiaolu] After the Changchun marathon in May this year, the 18th Provincial Games and other work has entered a substantial state of work. First of all, according to the overall plan for the preparation of the 18th Jilin Provincial Games, the general rules of the competition rules of the 18th Jilin Provincial Games, the participation methods and the determination methods of the athletes' qualification of the 18th Jilin Provincial Games, we have made a series of rules for the 18th Provincial Games, such as the main theme, the general requirements, the basic information, the setting of the group events, the competition methods and the participation methods A comprehensive overall work plan has been worked out; the implementation measures have been formulated, corresponding organizations have been set up, and a complete division of labor has been carried out on the registration and registration of the participating teams, the qualification of athletes, the reward methods, the selection of sports ethics and fashion, the general situation of funds, the requirements of the opening and closing ceremonies of the delegation, etc.

[host] Could you tell me something about the schedule of the Provincial Games?

[Zhao Xiaolu] The 18th National Games will be held in three stages

The first stage is from January to march of 2018, including 11 events of Freestyle Skiing (aerial skills, snow skills, U-shaped field), ski jumping, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, Nordic biathlon, snowboarding (big platform, slope obstacle, U-shaped field, parallel turn). The first event, freestyle skiing, will be the first event of the 18th Provincial Games on January 25th. It will take the lead in Changchun Lianhua Mountain, and then open the prelude of the 18th Provincial Games. The second stage is from May to August in 2018, and 14 competitions including table tennis, badminton, boxing, taekwondo, volleyball, bicycle, judo, gymnastics, tennis, hockey, football, martial arts, wrestling and shooting will be held. The third stage will be held during the opening and closing ceremonies in September, including track and field, short track, weight lifting, curling, archery, speed skating, swimming, basketball and figure skating.

[host] As we all know, Changchun municipal government has included the Provincial Games in the happy Changchun plan this year. Besides the Provincial Games, what other Changchun events do we have this year?

Zhao Xiaolu In 2018 Changchun International Marathon, this marathon will help to further improve the city's grade and international influence, and take this opportunity as the carrier of Changchun's economic, political and cultural communication, and play a vital role in promoting the cultural dissemination and development of Changchun, promoting the urban economic development, and promoting the construction of regional central city in Northeast Asia.

[host] Finally, let's ask Zhao Ju to talk about the characteristics of mascots and emblem?

[Zhao Xiaolu] The selection of logo design for the 18th Provincial Games has been completed. The design of the emblem and mascot has been evaluated and demonstrated by experts for three rounds and revised several times. Finally, the design scheme of the emblem, mascot and medal is determined by the way of voting by the judges. Junjun and Lanlan, the mascots of the Provincial Games, take the city flower Clivia of Changchun as the creative point. Clivia symbolizes the noble character of strong and resolute and unyielding; its plump appearance and gorgeous colors symbolize prosperity and happiness. Jun Jun and LAN LAN represent the style and features of a city and carry out the mission of "national sports, happy Jilin". The front of the medal design is the emblem pattern and standard text of the 18th Jilin Provincial Games, and the back is the slogan of "national sports, happy Jilin".

[host] Taking this opportunity, I would like to ask director Zhang why 50 international and domestic competitions are one of the three contents of the happy Changchun action plan this year?

Zhao Xiaolu In order to fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, guided by Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, firmly establish the people-centered development thought, and in accordance with the requirements of the Third Plenary Session of the 13th municipal Party committee, starting from solving the most direct and realistic interests of the people, Changchun Municipal Sports Bureau held the 2018 Changchun International Marathon and more than 50 countries Domestic and international sports events have been included in the 2018 action plan for building a happy Changchun.

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