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Dragon Boat Festival "no dragon boat racing Paddle"

Time: 2020-06-29 15:50 Source: Group Office
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On June 27th, at ten a.m., in 2020, Pai Le paddle League Changchun "Maotu" Tian Maohu station was held in the beautiful Tian Mao Lake as scheduled.

The event is on the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, attracting the whole nation. A total of 1300 people participated in 40 cities and 56 offline competitions. The theme of the event was launched on the theme of "1 hours" in the name of love.

The activity will be counted by the longest kilometre of the paddle board within one hour, and the donation per kilometre. 147 yuan. The 20 players in our city worked hard to paddle together to "paddle for life 1 hours for love," and the total sum of love money was 7339.71 yuan. This donation will be used for the treatment of sick children in welfare homes and contribute to the relief of poor orphans and disabled children.

Pai Le League is the largest private paddle League in China. "Changchun Maohu Lake Station" is sponsored by Changchun paddle paddle club. Changchun sports general business guidance, Tian Maohu provides venue support for the event. The blue sky rescue team provides security support for the event.



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