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Square dance competition successfully concluded

Time: 2020-06-28 09:12 Source: Group Office
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During the epidemic period, we also need the Olympic spirit, and the call for "staying strong, staying active and keeping healthy" resonates. To celebrate the International Olympic Day, the Changchun square dance network competition was held in 2020. 80 teams from 9 districts of the city and more than 700 players participated in the network competition.

1894 - the International Olympic Committee is established in Paris, France. Over the past hundred years, the Olympic Games have gone through the storm, and the Olympic Games have become a grand stage for the five continents to gather together to create glory. The Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect reunite the world in the five rings to witness the Olympic spirit striving for dreams. Regardless of national boundaries, regardless of age, regardless of gender, regardless of skill level, can participate in sports activities, today, we are interpreting the Olympic spirit.

In order to meet the fitness needs of the masses during the epidemic prevention and control period, the Changchun City aerobics dance association actively advocates scientific fitness at home, promotes online home fitness routines, and organised network exhibition activities, showing the good looks of the people in our city and giving vitality and hope to promoting the national fitness campaign.

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