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Vice mayor Lina visited the lottery center to investigate lottery work.

Time: 2019-11-19 16:33 Source: Lottery Center
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In November 19, 2019, the earth of the spring city was shining brightly. After ten hours in the morning, Lina, vice mayor of Changchun, accompanied by Liu Haiyu, director of the Changchun Sports Bureau and Wu Hao, director of the Sports Bureau of the City Sports Bureau, 5 people came to Changchun sports lottery management center to conduct a special investigation on the development of sports lottery.

   After arriving at the Changchun Sports Lottery Management Center, mayor Jia first inspected the comprehensive service hall of Changchun sports lottery, inquired the service window and inquired deeply about the situation of sports lottery safety, operation and management, service priority and market development.

   In the conference room of the two floor of the lottery, Jia mayor listened to the report of Han Xudong, director of the Changchun Sports Lottery Management Center. First, he affirmed the work of Changchun sports lottery center, and gave a high degree of recognition to the sales results of Changchun's lottery. Mayor Jia pointed out that under the new situation, Changchun sports lottery should also adapt to the development of marketization and achieve a high standard in terms of both hardware and software. She demanded that both the lottery and public sports should adhere to public welfare, expand the participation of young people and enhance the management level.

   Finally, mayor Jia put forward new requirements and hopes for the work of sports lottery in Changchun. We should attach great importance to the party's organizational construction, clean government and prevent corruption. Taking business as the guide and skills upgrading as the leading factor, we constantly improve our team's professional skills and working ability. For next year's work, we must plan ahead and prepare for it early, lay a good foundation for next year's sales and development work, consolidate sales scale, and actively explore new growth points. Innovation channel construction and publicity platform, from the mechanism, theory and platform, sports lottery brand penetrated into the city's large-scale sports and tourism activities, sports major events, large-scale exhibition activities, and even tourist attractions and ice and snow activities medium.

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