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The results of Changchun team are gratifying

Time: 15:14, August 20, 2019 Source: Training Department
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   The National Youth Games is a grand meeting to test the development level of competitive sports of young athletes from all over the country. The second National Youth Games (hereinafter referred to as "the second youth games") closed in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province on the evening of August 18. Winter and summer events are the first two kinds of events in the youth games. It is a comprehensive youth sports event with the largest scale, the most extensive participation, the most fierce competition and the most extensive influence in China. There are 34 delegation including Hong Kong and Macao, and 33517 athletes have signed up to participate. From January 14 to August 18, the competition lasted nearly 8 months. More than 30000 athletes from 34 Chinese delegation have interpreted the Olympic spirit of "faster, higher and stronger" with tenacious perseverance. They have constantly broken through themselves, with two team members breaking two national records and one equalizing national record; three team breaking four national youth records; two team three breaking four national juvenile records.

   After overall planning and careful planning, 453 athletes were selected and 40 teams were formed to participate in the 17 events and 27 sub items of track and field, shooting, short track speed skating and freestyle skiing. All the athletes and coaches worked together and made great achievements in the fierce competition. They won 35 gold medals for the delegation of Jilin Province, accounting for 47.3% of the total gold medals in the whole province. A number of excellent young athletes emerged. Through participation This youth games, not only our city competitive sports reserve talent team has been very good exercise and test, in the competition athletes' psychological quality and pressure resistance ability have been improved in varying degrees, but also showed the new era youth "mission in the shoulder, struggle with me" spirit and Changchun "tolerance atmosphere, self-improvement" city spirit, there is no doping incident And the behavior of violating sports morality and fashion has achieved both competitive achievements and spiritual civilization.

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