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Guide to government information disclosure

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The "Regulations on disclosure of information" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations on disclosure of information") shall be implemented on June 23, 2004.

According to the regulations, government information held by this organ, except for those exempted from disclosure according to law, all government information related to economic, social management and public services shall be made public or provided upon the application of citizens, legal persons and other organizations.

In order to make public the information of the government of Changchun and provide better service for other organizations.

The guide is updated once a year. Citizens, legal persons and other organizations can consult the guide on the website of their own organs, or at the administrative affairs open office of Changchun Sports Bureau.

1、 Active publicity

(1) Scope of disclosure

Please refer to the "catalogue of free information to the public" of the city's sports organs. Citizens, legal persons and other organizations can consult the catalogue on the website of their own organs, or at the administrative affairs open office of Changchun Sports Bureau.

(2) Public form
As for the active disclosure of information, the agency mainly adopts two forms of online disclosure and consulting in the office of the Bureau.

The agency will also adopt the following supplementary publicity methods:
The government should set up a telephone and manual consultation organ;
2. To publicize relevant government information through relevant newspapers, magazines and other media;
3. Release relevant government information through press spokesman.


(3) The contents of the information voluntarily disclosed by this organ are as follows:
1. Organization setup: (1) organization overview; (2) organization leadership; (3) internal organization.
2. Policies and regulations.
3. Planning: (1) overall planning; (2) special planning.
4. Business: (1) group sports; (2) competitive sports; (3) sports competition; (4) financial management; (5) party work; (6) personnel work; (7) market management.
5. Dynamic information: (1) news trend; (2) announcement notice.
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Post code: 130061
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(4) time limit for disclosure
The information disclosed on the Internet by the organ, such as policies and regulations, shall be retained within the effective period, the online retention period of announcement information shall be half a year, and the remaining information shall be retained for one year. For the information beyond the retention period, this organ will no longer continue to make public through the Internet. Citizens, legal persons and other organizations can go to the administrative affairs open office of Changchun Sports Bureau to consult such information.


2、 Public application
Citizens, legal persons and other organizations may apply to their own organs for obtaining government information (not involving secrets) that they need to make public on their own initiative. When providing information in accordance with the application, the agency shall provide the information according to the actual status of the information, and shall not process, count, study, analyze or otherwise process the information.
(1) Acceptance institution
The agency has officially accepted the application for government information disclosure from the first working day after October 1, 2004.
Accepting institution: Government Affairs Open Office of Changchun Sports Bureau
Office address: No.88, East Chaoyang Road
Processing time: 9:00-11:00 a.m. and 13:30-16:00 p.m. on weekdays
Tel: 0431-88466682
Fax: 668883
Postcode: 130061
Email address: ccstyj88466682@163.com
(2) Apply
If an application for the disclosure of government information is submitted to this organ, the applicant shall fill in the application form for disclosure of government information of Changchun City (see the attached table, hereinafter referred to as the application form). The application form can be copied, collected from the accepting institution or downloaded from its website. In order to improve the processing efficiency of government information application, the applicant is requested to describe the required information as detailed and clear as possible; if possible, please provide the title, release time, document number of the information or other tips that will help the agency to determine the information carrier.
1. Application by letter, telegram and fax. If the applicant applies by letter, please mark "government information disclosure application" in the lower left corner of the envelope; if the applicant applies by telegraph or fax, please mark "application for government information disclosure".
2. Apply face to face. Applicants can go to the Government Affairs Office of Changchun Sports Bureau and apply on the spot.
3. Special procedures. When applying for obtaining government information such as registration, the applicant shall hold a valid identity card and submit a written application to the organ. This organ will not accept the application made by telephone, but the applicant can consult the corresponding service business by telephone.

(3) Application processing
After receiving the application, this organ will formally examine whether the elements of the application are complete, and return the application with incomplete elements and ask the applicant to make corrections. If the information obtained by the application belongs to the information that has been disclosed by the organ on its own initiative, the organ will suspend the application procedure and inform the applicant of the ways and means of obtaining the information. The agency shall handle the application according to the order of receiving the application. If several independent requests are submitted in a single application, the organ will make a unified reply after all processing. Since the responses to different requests may be different, it is recommended that applicants apply separately for different requests.
Please refer to the information disclosure application flow chart for the government information disclosure application process.
(4) Charging standard
If a citizen, legal person or other organization applies for providing relevant information to the organ, the organ shall, in accordance with the provisions of Article 17 of the Interim Provisions on information disclosure of Changchun municipal government, collect the corresponding costs of retrieval, reproduction, mailing and delivery.

3、 Supervision methods and procedures
If citizens, legal persons or other organizations think that their organs have not fulfilled the obligation of government information disclosure according to law, they may complain to the supervision department.
Supervision telephone: 0431-88466682
Citizens, legal persons and other organizations may bring administrative reconsideration or administrative litigation in accordance with the law if they think that the specific administrative acts of their organs violate the provisions and infringe upon their legitimate rights and interests.
When the specific administrative act of the organ in violation of the provisions causes economic losses to the applicant or the third party, the applicant or the third party may claim compensation according to law.

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