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Opinions of the general office of the Changchun Municipal People's Government on accelerating the development of sports industry (effective)

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General Office of Changchun Municipal People's Government

Suggestions on speeding up the development of sports industry

Chang Fu office sends [2014]1.


The people's governments of counties (cities) and districts, the administrative committees of the development zones, the bureaus of the municipal governments and the institutions directly under the Central Government:

In order to implement the guiding opinions of the general office of the State Council on accelerating the development of sports industry ([2010]22), to promote the prosperity and development of sports industry in our city,

I. guiding principles, main objectives and key tasks

(1) guiding principles

Taking deepening reform and opening up innovation as the main line, focusing on the development of sports industry in our city, serving the people's livelihood and meeting the needs of people's multi-level and diversified sports needs, we should strengthen the construction of sports public service system, provide healthy and abundant sports products, improve service ability and level, standardize the order of sports market, and establish a system conducive to the healthy development of sports industry. Mechanism to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and operators, and coordinate the coordinated development of sports and sports industry.

(two) main objectives

By 2020, the structure of sports industry in our city has been gradually optimized, the scale has been expanding, the layout is becoming more reasonable and the status has been significantly improved. Basically, the sports industry pattern with the emphasis on sports fitness and entertainment industry and sports lottery industry, sports ice snow tourism industry, sports goods sales, sports competition and sports training industry has been formed. In addition, the proportion of sports consumption in daily consumption of residents has been significantly improved. The masses can enjoy high-quality and perfect sports products and services. The Changchun Olympic Park national sports industry demonstration base and the Lotus Hill Sports Leisure Industrial Park have been built, and the sports industry has become a new growth point of our city's economy.

(three) key tasks

1, create the Changchun Olympic Park national sports industry demonstration base. We should actively explore new models of diversified investment, market-oriented operation and management of public sports venues, so as to build up the largest scale, the best environment and the best quality in Northeast China, which can meet sports consumption performances, sports and leisure activities, sports exhibitions, sports scientific research, sports training, experience sports, sports rehabilitation, sporting goods sales and winter sports. The target is to build an integrated industrial base, and build 4 centers and 1 parks in advance: water sports entertainment center, sports experience center, extreme sports center, sports exhibition and business center and sports leisure theme park.

2, actively promote the construction of Lotus Hill sports industrial park. Implementation of the Changchun Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China Changchun Municipal People's government's opinions on speeding up the development of the eco-tourism resort in Changchun "(Chang FA [2011]25), to create the Changchun Lotus Hill high-end fashion sports center: planning and construction of state-level leisure sports training base, comprehensive sports center, tennis center, horse race field, polo field, ski resort, skating rink, fishing center, rehabilitation center, independent experience Museum, sports and recreation, Changchun Clubs and other leisure sports venues make Changchun Lotus Hill one of the most influential comprehensive recreational tourism bases in Northeast China.

3, vigorously develop the sports lottery market. We should do a good job in sports lottery publicity, improve marketing level, promote lottery sales, scientifically adjust the layout of lottery outlets, facilitate public betting, improve management, strengthen monitoring and control, ensure the safe operation of sports lottery, give full play to the marginal effect of sports lottery sales, drive the development of related industries such as finance, printing, transportation, housing leasing, advertising media and other related sectors, and finance, public security and other related departments. Efforts should be made to crack down on and ban all kinds of lottery sales in the form of prizes, sales or raffles, and to maintain the normal order of the lottery market.

4, give priority to the development of sports fitness and leisure market. We should strengthen the publicity of sports fitness, advocate a scientific, healthy and civilized way of life, encourage all sectors of society to invest in sports fitness and leisure industry, set up sports business activities, extensively carry out sports activities that people love to see, strengthen the construction of mass sports clubs, and develop new linear racing, e-sports, extreme sports and outdoor sports on the basis of the original traditional fitness items. Business activities to meet various groups of people, different levels of sports consumption demand.

5, actively develop sports competition and performance market. Standardize the marketing operation and conduct of various sports competitions, enhance the appreciation and entertainment of sports events; establish intermediary service agencies for sports competitions, cultivate sports competition brokers; develop sports competition performance market through sports events naming, admission, advertising, sponsorship and television broadcasting rights; strengthen the International Snow union cross-country skiing competition and international snow Union distance. From the integral race, the national cross-country skiing race, the International Snow union Freestyle Skiing World Cup, the winter two domestic A-level competitions, the Chinese Football Association Super League, the CBA National Men's basketball professional league and other brand events, the market operation of the brand events, the bigger sports events industry, the full play of the role of individual sports associations, sports clubs and other social groups, and vigorously develop various forms and universality. Strong sports competition performance projects to enhance the market efficiency of sports events.

6, develop ice snow sports tourism market. We should vigorously popularize the ice and snow sports, create a climate for all people to participate in ice and snow activities, and enhance the visibility of skiing sites such as Jing Yue Tan and Lotus Hill by organizing and hosting international and domestic large-scale ice and snow sports events, giving full play to the stimulating role of ice and snow sports, holding events such as skiing Festival, ice and Snow Festival and ice sculpture exhibition to promote ice and snow sports, ice and snow culture, ice and snow tourism, and ice sports. The integration of snow and trade.

7, develop sporting goods sales market. Create a favorable environment for the development of sports economy, provide space for the development of sporting goods sales industry, further improve the Nanling sports leisure shopping plaza, create a sporting goods sales business circle of Da Jing Road, formulate relevant policies, support the sporting goods sales industry, attract more famous brands to settle in Changchun, actively organize various sporting goods fairs, and develop sporting goods exhibition. Industry.

8, develop the intangible assets of public sports venues. The relevant management measures for establishing the naming rights of public sports venues shall be formulated to regulate the naming requirements, auction procedures, name awarding, and proceeds utilization of public sports venues, so as to ensure the orderly development of the naming rights of public sports venues. Through auction, bidding, outsourcing and other ways to attract investment to achieve the best integration of intangible assets of venues.



Two, major policies and measures

(1) strengthening co-ordination and coordination

The people's governments of counties (cities) should conscientiously strengthen the leadership of the sports industry, integrate the development of sports industry into the overall planning of regional economic and social development, and formulate and organize the implementation of the sports industry development plan. The sports administrative departments should conscientiously strengthen the overall planning, coordinated guidance and standardized management of sports industry development, and promote the development of sports industry. The relevant departments of the city should take the development of sports industry into the agenda of the Department, do their duty and do their duty, and jointly do the work related to promoting the healthy development of sports industry. The municipal development and Reform Commission (Finance Office) has taken the lead in formulating the investment and financing policies for sports enterprises. The Municipal Finance Bureau has taken the lead in formulating relevant fiscal policies to promote the development of sports industry. The municipal public administration is responsible for coordinating and implementing the preferential policies for public sports facilities, public school sports venues and sports operation units, such as water, gas and heat. The Municipal Taxation Bureau is responsible for coordinating and implementing preferential tax policies.

(two) intensify supervision

Formulate relevant regulations and define the standards and procedures for sports management projects. We should strengthen technical guidance and safety protection, strengthen routine supervision and inspection and product quality inspection, ensure that facilities, facilities and management services meet the standards and ensure the safety of consumers. We should implement the certification system of sports service quality, establish and improve the norms of sports service, and improve the level of sports service.

(three) increase financial input

The sports industry should be included in the key support areas of financial funds, and the major projects of sports industry should be included in the overall financial arrangements. Integrate sports industry development funds to support sports public service platform construction, sports industry key projects technical transformation and product upgrading. Support sports enterprises, sports events, sports personnel training, fitness and leisure industry chain construction and sports advertising promotion. The county (city) people's government should also increase financial input to support the development of sports industry.

(four) strengthening financial support

We should encourage, encourage and guide private capital and foreign investment to invest in sports industry in sole proprietorship, cooperation, joint venture, equity participation and franchising in accordance with the provisions of the state's industrial policies and laws and regulations, and participate in sports facilities construction. The sports industry projects and sports stadiums invested by non-public enterprises will enjoy the same treatment as state-owned investment in terms of market access, investment approval, financing services, fiscal and taxation policies, land use, foreign trade and economic and technological cooperation. Support eligible sports enterprises to enter the capital market, and raise funds through stock listing, corporate bonds, project financing and equity replacement. We should actively promote the cooperation between banks and bodies, explore and develop financial products adapted to the development of sports industry, and enhance the service function of sports consumption of bank cards.



(five) perfecting tax and fee policy

1, the public stadium and gymnasium will make use of spare room and space to rent or jointly operate other industries on the premise of guaranteeing their own business, and the proceeds will be used to supplement the business expenses and exempt the land rent.

2. Sports items officially announced by the State Sports Administration Department shall be subject to 3% business tax according to the "cultural and sports industry" tax items. Small businesses and individuals with a monthly operating income of less than 20000 yuan shall not levy business tax, urban maintenance and construction tax and education surcharge, and individual operators who have fixed operating places, engage in individual businesses, and be incorporated into the daily management of tax authorities, and fulfill monthly declarations of duties to the tax authorities in a quota manner. According to the Jilin Provincial Local Taxation Bureau's personal income tax on individual industrial and commercial households The announcement on the issue of fixed collection (2012 No. 1) is implemented.

3, three years from the date of the establishment of a newly established private sports enterprise, the same level of Finance shall be rewarded by 50% of the contribution of the enterprise to local finance in that year.

4. The sports enterprises newly established shall suspend registration fees. The newly established small sports enterprises will be exempt from administrative and administrative fees within 3 years.

5, the sponsor sponsorship expenses such as sports competitions and performances performed by enterprises, those that meet the requirements of advertising fees and business promotional fees, shall not exceed 15% of the sales (business) income of that year, and may be deducted when calculating the taxable income amount, and the excess part may be deducted in the subsequent tax year.

6, sports enterprises in order to develop new technology, new products, new technology research and development expenses, intangible assets are not included in the current profits and losses, enterprises can be deducted in accordance with the provisions of the actual basis, according to the research and development cost of 50% plus deduction; the formation of intangible assets, according to the cost of intangible assets 150% amortization.

7, if a sports enterprise has difficulty in paying the urban land use tax and the real estate tax, it may be granted a reduction or exemption according to the administrative authority of taxation.

8. The property allocated by the financial department to the stadiums and sports schools for business purposes is used for operating income. If the enterprises really have difficulties in paying taxes, they may be given a reduction or exemption according to the real estate tax reduction policy of difficult enterprises.

9, the profits achieved by the independent accounting units of the sports institutions shall be used to make up for the shortage of business expenses, and the self managed institutions that carry out enterprise management. The part of the net income that is paid to the sports authorities to reach the business expenses will be reduced and exempted from business tax and income tax after approved by the finance and taxation departments at the same level.

10, encourage the establishment of fitness programs for the disabled. Preferential policies are provided for sports facilities for disabled people in terms of water, gas, electricity and heat.

11, encourage donations to sports. Donations from enterprises, individuals and other social forces to the public welfare sports enterprises may be deducted from the taxable income when the enterprises do not exceed 12% of the total annual profits. If a person donates 30% of the taxable income of the personal income tax through the non-profit social organizations or state organs in China, the amount of taxable income can be calculated. Deductions; the objects donated abroad, involving import duties and import value-added tax, shall be subject to tax reduction and exemption according to the relevant regulations of the state; for individuals and other social forces, donations from non-profit social organizations and state organs to public welfare sports venues (including new establishments) shall be fully deducted before paying personal income tax.

(six) reasonable arrangement and protection of sports land and facilities.

Reasonable arrangements for public sports facilities and sports industry development of land supply. In the planning and construction of residential areas, sports fitness facilities should be provided in accordance with relevant national standards and standards, giving priority to public sports facilities and key sports industry projects. Public facilities, such as stadiums and gymnasiums, which need to be demolished or altered for their functions and purposes in urban and rural areas, must be submitted for approval in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. The requisition of facilities and removal of facilities for sports fitness facilities belonging to owners in the same residential area shall be subject to the consent of the relevant owners and users. If approval is made to remove or change its functions and uses, it should be selected according to the planning requirements, and it should not be less than the original scale. Those that cannot be rebuilt elsewhere shall be compensated for the relevant owners and users. Relocation work should adhere to the principle of first construction, demolition or construction and demolition at the same time. The cost of relocation will be borne by the main body responsible for relocation. Social forces set up sports facilities and give support to land use.

(seven) strengthen team building

We should seize the three links of talent cultivation, introduction and use, and vigorously train high-end compound sports management talents, practical talents and sports market supervision teams. We should give full play to the advantages of our city's education, encourage colleges and universities to set up sports industry specialties, and support qualified sports enterprises and institutions to set up sports industry training and teaching bases. We should strengthen the vocational training of the existing sports service practitioners, establish the qualification certification system for the practitioners in the sports service industry, and constantly improve the quality and professional level of the employees. Establish a law enforcement team in the sports market and standardize the management of sports market. We should strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in the training of sports talents, and plan and aim to attract and use sports management talents.

(eight) support sports lottery sales

The city appearance department should support the sports lottery betting station to hang up uniform plaques and light boxes, support the open type sports lottery to carry out unified and standardized outdoor sales, and set up the open sports lottery sales outlets in public places such as stations, airports, shopping malls, cinemas, parks and tourist attractions.

(nine) support the development of Sports Associations

We should reform and innovate the management mode of sports social organizations, while strengthening business guidance and supervision according to law, we should improve the corporate governance mechanism of sports associations, enrich the business functions of sports associations, give full play to the service functions of sports associations, and improve the self-development, self-management, self-service and self-regulation ability of sports associations. Encourage and support social forces to set up sports private non enterprise units, and promote the healthy development of sports and sports industry. The Changchun Sports Industry Development Association was set up to give full play to the role of the association in the bridge between the government and enterprises; to coordinate the business operation of enterprises, improve the sports consumption and service system, train sports practitioners, and resolve the contradiction between enterprises and the market.





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