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"Cloud running spring city" Changchun's first fluorescent night running Festival 26 evening staged

Time: 2020-06-28 09:22 Source:
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On the 26 day, in 2020, under the Changchun online and offline national fitness program, the first cloud night running festival in Changchun was held at the track and field stadium of the city sports school. More than 100 contestants, together with their relatives and friends, took the footsteps of Changchun to enjoy the cool summer night beauty, sweating together and laughing together, becoming the most shining star in Changchun.

Breathe the fresh air of Changchun at night and enjoy the fun of running at night. In the evening, athletes in the athletic field of the city sports field were eager to try. The music was accompanied by rhythmic music, and the scene was also lively. The square dance "dance rhyme" brought by the Bei'an community dance team has won the first prize of the national social sports instructor skills exchange exhibition conference. 2019 has won the national fitness ball competition award, and the Latin dance "Chai" brought by the City Sports Dance Association is full of vitality. The exciting programmes continued and the atmosphere gradually reached a climax.

It is understood that the event was hosted by Changchun Sports Bureau and Changchun radio and TV station, and hosted by Changchun Sports Federation, Changchun sports school and Changchun long distance running Association. The theme of "fight against epidemic situation, scientific fitness and moving spring city" is to spread scientific fitness methods and lead healthy life.

20, when the Secretary General of the Changchun Municipal People's government Zhao Xian loudly announced the opening of the event, there was a loud cheering on the scene. When the lights of the track and field illuminated, the players became glittering stars and turned into bright jade strips, which made Changchun's night bright. Li Xiaojie, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, said that night running has become a new choice for the citizens to keep fit.

The distance of the night race is 3000 meters, a total of 405 people signed up to participate, according to each 5 years old group of standards, divided into 21 groups, of which the lowest age group is 15 years old, the oldest is 80 years old, the female group is the youngest 24 years old, the oldest is 68 years old. All the athletes who have finished the competition will receive a medal of commemorative medals, and the top three men and women of each group will receive the award certificates and the exquisite prizes. Wen Liangjie, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, said that the night running Festival is an important part of the "cloud running spring city". It is the first attempt of the Municipal Sports Bureau to launch running activities at night. Under the heading, Changchun is trying to promote the night economy. Night running is also a useful attempt for the sports department to boldly explore and help Changchun's new night economy.

In addition, in order to ensure the health of the participants in the epidemic prevention and control, the organizers bought insurance for all the participants and provided medical rescue personnel. Online registration is adopted. June 26th, 27 and July 4th and 5 days are divided into four fields, effectively dispersing the flow of people, and all participants in the activity must enter the field before they enter the venue. All these measures are aimed at ensuring the safety and health of the participants.

Zhang Zhengming, director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, said that in order to implement the national strategy of national fitness and coordinate the efforts to promote epidemic prevention and control and sports, this year, the city will continue to carry out the strategy. "Cloud Dance Spring City", "cloud running spring city", "cloud moving spring city" and other theme activities. The sports department will build a stage of scientific fitness and happy fitness with first-class service guarantee, first-class event organization and first-class environment atmosphere. Through sports, we can make the citizens stronger and feel better life.

At the launching ceremony, Zhao Xian, Secretary General of the Changchun Municipal People's government, announced the opening of the event. Zhang Zhengming, Secretary of the Changchun Sports Bureau, delivered the speech. Qu Yongkai, deputy director of the Jilin Sports Bureau, Lu Fujian, inspector of the Changchun Municipal People's government, Sun Libin, Deputy Secretary General of the Changchun municipal government, Zhang Wanxing, Changchun radio and TV station Zhang Wanxing, deputy director of the Sports Bureau of Changchun, Wen Liangjie, Changchun Sports Bureau. Li Xiaojie, deputy director of Changchun radio and TV station, Liu Bin, chairman of Changchun long distance running Association, Liu Min, Secretary General of the Party branch of Changchun long distance running party, attended the activities and fired orders for the shooting.



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