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City Sports Bureau convened expert demonstration meeting of strong sports city

Time: 2020-05-22 14:01 Source: Office
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In May 22nd, in order to further implement the decision and deployment of the national sports power construction and the spirit of the provincial documents, further promote the comprehensive, coordinated and rapid development of the sports industry in our city, the Municipal Sports Bureau held an expert consultation on accelerating the construction of a strong sports city (Draft). The meeting was presided over by Li Xiaojie, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, and the two inspector of the City Sports Bureau Li Zhijian attended the meeting. The demonstration invited the famous sports experts stationed in Changsha to give advice and suggestions on the development of sports in our city.

At the meeting, the leaders and participants of the Municipal Sports Bureau gave full comments and discussions on the implementation of the sports strong city, and put forward some pertinent and practical suggestions and suggestions. The experts agreed that the strategic objectives and tasks of the sports strong city were put forward, with high standing, extensive coverage, substantial and specific contents, and strong maneuverability, depicting the grand blueprint of our sports industry.

The drafters of the strong sports Province, the director of the Propaganda Department of the Jilin Sports Bureau, Chen Zhiyuan, vice president and professor of Jilin Institute of Physical Education, Shao Guihua, Northeast Normal University Party committee secretary and Professor Zhang Tiemin, Dean and Professor Zhang Shouwei of Northeast Normal University Sports Institute, professor and Qiu Peng of Jilin University Sports Institute, former vice president and teaching of Physical Education Institute. Professor Yuan Ji, director of the College of physical education of Changchun Normal University, Professor Hou Guangqing and other sports experts, as well as Tao Ling, director of Chaoyang District culture and Tourism Bureau (Sports Bureau), Zhang Jian, chairman of Kuancheng Sports Federation, Wang Fu, chairman of Changchun long distance running Association, Qi Dahai, Deputy Secretary General of Changchun Society Sports Instructor Association, and Zou Hong, general manager of Changchun Basketball Association. Feng, chairman of Jilin Outdoor Industry Chamber of Commerce, Liu Shichang, chairman of Changchun Mountaineering Association, etc. Participated in the demonstration meeting.

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