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2020 Changchun community fitness station Fitness Project Exhibition (phase third) scheduled to be held

Time: 2020-04-13 15:51 Source: Group Office
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   In April 10th, the Changchun Sports Bureau and the Changchun Sports Federation hosted the Changchun Sports Association. The organizers of the Changchun Social Sports Instructor Association organized the Changchun community fitness station fitness Exhibition (the third issue), which was successfully implemented at the the Atlantic Office of the Eurasian store. 120 fitness enthusiasts from 13 communities in Changchun participated in the event.

   The atmosphere of the show is lively. The members accompanied the beautiful melody and walked with a brisk dance. The performance of the 16 performances of square dance, softball, fitness ball and shadowboxing showed the good spirit of the people of Changchun in the new era.

   The aim of this activity is to promote the awareness of active participation in sports fitness among the community residents by mobilizing nationwide fitness activities, and mobilize people of all ages in the community to join the ranks of sports fitness, and constantly raise the climax of national fitness.

   In the future, in order to improve the health quality of more community residents, the association will organize various kinds of exhibitions regularly.

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