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Provincial Government counsellor Wang Yuan and his party investigate Changchun Sports Work

Time: 2020-04-10 15:46 Source: Office
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On April 9, 2020, Wang Yuan, provincial government counselor, accompanied by Wang Fuhai, director of Youth Department of Provincial Sports Bureau, came to Changchun Sports Bureau for investigation.

   At the forum, director Liu Haiyu, Secretary of the Party group Zhang Zhengming, director of the first-class researcher training department Wang Zhuobin, cadres and personnel department, competition department, office, winter sports management center, etc. attended the forum, and introduced the treatment and security of Changchun athletes and coaches in terms of training subsidies, competition awards, honor display, career compensation, schooling, employment placement, etc Some development suggestions are put forward.

   Director Hai Yu said that in recent years, great changes and development have taken place in Changchun's sports industry, especially the improvement of training conditions, the continuity of personnel training, the breakthrough of project layout and the improvement of team members' treatment. However, there are still bottlenecks in competitive sports. It is suggested that we should learn from the experience of advanced provinces in maintaining the consistency of policies in the whole province and seeking breakthroughs in policies To promote the rapid development of sports in Jilin Province.

   Wang Junyuan, the governor of Jilin Province, proposed to pay great attention to the development of sports, and to solve the problem of sports coaches. Changchun City, as the pioneer and vanguard of the whole province, is in the advanced ranks of the whole country in terms of competitive sports, mass sports and sports industry, making outstanding contributions to the development of sports in the whole province.

   The research group also investigated the actual situation of the training units and stadiums such as the municipal sports school, the municipal winter sports management center, Changchun Sports Center, and the municipal National Fitness Center. Li Xiaojie, President of the municipal sports school, Xu Zhenzhou, director of the city's winter sports management center, Liu Weili, director of Changchun Sports Center, and Zhang Yanbo, director of the city's national fitness center, accompanied and introduced the situation.

   This research will be for the provincial government to introduce relevant policies to solve the worries of athletes and coaches, effectively promote the development of sports, and play a positive role in promoting.

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