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City Sports Bureau actively promotes resumption and resumption of sports venues

Time: 2020-03-10 14:29 Source: Office
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   Three month Ten On the same day, the Municipal Sports Bureau held a meeting to promote the resumption of work resumption work in the conference room of the four floor of the agency. The head of the Bureau, the head of the relevant department and the person in charge of the unit directly attended the meeting, and the director Liu Haiyu presided over the meeting.

   At the meeting, director Liu Haiyu first conveyed his study. Nine On the spirit of the Japanese city government front conference and the notice issued by the general office of the municipal Party committee and the general office of the municipal government on accelerating the resumption and resumption of services in related industries, the relevant units made a brief report on the preparatory work for the resumption of work in the early stage. The meeting pointed out that outdoor sports venues are all open to the public in principle, and indoor basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis and other venues do not draw people's attention and draw lessons from other provinces and cities for opening experience. The meeting stressed that to strengthen the management of territorial responsibility, after the reform of "letting go of services", we should strengthen the territorial management, and the local sports administration departments should strengthen supervision and management. The meeting requested that the administrative examination and approval office should combine the actual situation of our bureau as soon as possible to draw up the technical standards of individual items as a reference basis, and those who have the conditions should resume business as soon as possible. , We should actively promote and help enterprises develop to meet the needs of fitness.

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