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Changchun Military Sports Center Party branch "enter the community and go to the front line" to take part in the epidemic prevention and control.

Time: 2020-03-10 13:54 Source: Changchun Military Sports Management Center
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     In order to respond positively to the party members issued by the municipal government organs, we should carry out the activities of "entering the community and going to the front line" during the epidemic prevention and control. The Party branch of the Changchun military sports management center of the Changchun Sports Bureau set up a volunteer service team for the first time. A total of 17 party members in the centre volunteered to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work voluntarily by volunteering to join the epidemic prevention volunteer service team in WeChat.
   According to the arrangement of the Shengyang community in the green area, the volunteer service team of the military center Party member's anti epidemic volunteer has undertaken the task of killing the corridor of the 6 residential buildings in the Shengyang community.
   The leaders of the Shengyang community led the staff to the military center of the city, explaining the work process and precautions of the corridor killing to the comrades of the volunteer service team, and highly praised and thanked all the members of the military center for volunteering.
   In the work of epidemic prevention and elimination, all Party members are not afraid of hardship or fear of fatigue. They overcome difficulties such as old age, high floors, and cold weather. Seriously work, do not let go of every dead corner, and strive to help our city eliminate the epidemic as soon as possible and fully display the responsibility of Changchun sports people in epidemic prevention and control, reflecting the high sense of responsibility and mission of every Party member. (Lou Songgao)

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