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Competition rules of "ice top king" competition in Changchun City in 2018

Time: 10:26, February 27, 2019 Source: Sports Federation
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1、 Organizer

Changchun Sports Bureau

Changchun landscape Bureau

2、 Organizer

Changchun Sports Federation

South Lake Park

3、 Competition time

January 1, 2018

4、 Venue

South Lake Park huxindao skating rink

5、 Scope of participation

All citizens of Changchun City, officers and soldiers of the garrison, students in school and foreign friends stationed in Changchun can participate.

6、 Competition events

Individual competition

7、 Competition equipment

The individual specified competition equipment is issued by the general assembly. The size of the top is 8 cm in diameter and 11 cm in height. The size of the whip is 50 cm long.

8、 Rules of the game

1. After the competition starts, the referee whistles, and each contestant spins his or her top on the designated ice;

2. Within the specified time, the time is free for the contestants. After that, the time will start. After the time starts, the top can not be whipped again

3. The winner is the one with the longest gyro rotation time.


9、 Admission method

According to individual regulations, the top eight winners will be rewarded, and the first winner will be awarded the title of "ice top king".

10、 Referee

The referees are selected by the Organizing Committee of the games.

11、 Registration method

1. The competition adopts two ways of "Olympic Sports" app registration and telephone registration, according to the order of registration, the registration limit is 50 people, until the quota is full.

Tel: 88466622 Sun Wei

2. Please apply for personal accident insurance.

12、 Registration deadline

December 30, 2017


December 25, 2017


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