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In 2019, the two level social sports instructor training in Changchun was launched in our city.

Time: 2019-12-02 14:35 Source: Group Office
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In order to thoroughly implement the national fitness regulations, the national fitness program is implemented in an all-round way. According to the management measures of social sports instructors, the skill guidance level of social sports instructors is improved and the service quality of social sports instructors is improved. Eleven month Twenty-five day -12 month Five On the day, sponsored by the Changchun Sports Bureau, the two class social sports instructor training course organized by the Changchun Society Sports Instructor Association was successfully concluded at the East teachers' club. From the whole city Nine Downtown area Six hundred and sixty-five People took part in the training.

The training work is undertaken by the expert group set up by our city. Sports experts, professors and so on. This paper gives a detailed explanation of the "organizing and arranging sports competition in the community", "policies and regulations and healthy physical fitness", "protection and treatment of sports injuries", and the basic quality and behavior standard of national fitness volunteers. The students who attended the training all studied hard and listened attentively. Students generally think that the content of teaching is reasonable and abundant. Professors and experts teach highly pertinent, easy to understand, vivid and easy to understand. They are deeply benefited and cherish this opportunity very much.

For many years, the Changchun Social Sports Instructor Association has always been in accordance with the work arrangements of Changchun Sports Bureau. According to the requirements of Changchun Sports Federation, it has planned two aspects of training for the three level social sports instructors backbone who have been active in one line for a long time, which not only popularizes scientific fitness knowledge, but also promotes the new concept of health.

Although the training course has ended, the study has not been terminated. Our social sports instructors will be distributed in the streets and lanes of the city, spreading scientific fitness knowledge to every place, spreading the idea of healthy life to every family, and they have not stopped learning for the sake of pursuing a higher level of physical fitness skills. The selfless dedication of guided services has not ended.


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