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  • The organization of the summer camp is not as good as before. The registration did not see that it was necessary to log in with the ID card number, and there was no sign of age in the other activities.

    2019-06-08 10:37:01

    Hello, thank you for your participation. We will forward your suggestion to the relevant departments.

  • When will the Changchun International Marathon be held in 2018? Because last year was May 20th, there was no news about the organization.

    2019-03-17 09:33:48

    Thank you for your interest in sports in Changchun. Please keep your eyes on the official website of Changchun Sports Bureau. We will publish relevant information at the first time through a press conference.

  • What are the current school sports venues open to Changchun?

    2019-01-05 09:36:23

    Hello, the opening of the school stadiums is the responsibility of the Education Bureau.

  • Information about the 2018 Changchun International Marathon is not synchronized. There is still some confusion. Some information, such as competition rules and routes, Changchun Sports Bureau website, and www.changchunmarathon.com and official WeChat public numbers do not? Official micro sent official rabbit information, Sports Bureau website and Chang Ma official website did not! This is also too chaotic, it is difficult to find information, but also to turn over three sources of information. Can this multiple information source unify synchronization? Or make an authority, don't mess it up so much!!!

    2018-05-11 09:32:47

    Thank you for your attention to the promotion of long horse. We will improve the questions you raised, and convey more accurate and convenient information for you.

  • May I ask how the 2018 international marathon will enter the competition?

    2018-04-13 09:33:11

    Thank you for your interest in the 2018 International Marathon race. At present, the registration has not yet started. Please keep your eyes on the Sports Bureau website.

  • When can the Changchun National Fitness Center swimming pool open?

    2018-07-28 09:34:23

    The government has approved that the specific business hours will be announced in the ongoing maintenance and renovation.

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Hello, friends from all circles in Spring City: first of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the cadres and workers on the sports front of Changchun for their concern and support for many years. The establishment of the letter box of the Secretary of the Changchun Sports Bureau is an important measure to widen the service channels and enhance the service functions. It is also an important carrier to listen to the people's livelihood, understand the public opinion, serve the people and invite the people to supervise. We hope that the general public can make comments and suggestions in time through the mailbox. We will always pay attention to and give feedback at any time. The mailbox is a window for us to serve the community and serve the public. We will provide you with convenient, high-quality, efficient and accurate services on the Internet. At the same time, we will also use this window to receive supervision. And make this mailbox become our new bridge and link, and provide convenient channels for all sectors of society to understand spring city sports, consultation related policies and supervision services. Thank you for your coming. Sincere greetings and best wishes. Liu Haiyu, director of Changchun Sports Bureau

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