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Ha, the Great Wall group strategic cooperation sports competition exchange conference held

Time: 2019-11-21 09:13 Source: Training Department
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In order to implement the general requirements of the development plan for the construction of Harbin the Great Wall group, further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the city of Changchun and the competitive sports of the city of Changchun. In November 20, 2019, the exchange meeting of the strategic cooperation and competitive sports (ice and snow events) campaign was held at the winter sports management center of the the Great Wall. Han Weijian, director of the competition Office of Harbin Sports Bureau, has 3 people, the director of the Training Bureau of Changchun Sports Bureau and the director of the winter project. The leaders, leaders and heads of the Changchun winter sports management center attended the meeting.

   In accordance with the framework agreement of sports cooperation between Harbin Sports Bureau and Changchun Sports Bureau, participants participated in the negotiation of ice and snow events in two cities of Harbin and Changchun on the basis of the principle of exchanging each other and promoting each other, and determined the way of training and competition in short track speed skating, ice ball and freestyle skiing, and regularly held two cities to compete in sports. The cooperation will promote the common development and joint improvement of Harbin and Changchun sports events.

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