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Functions of Changchun Sports Bureau

1、 Carry out the sports law of the people's Republic of China and the national sports work guidelines and policies, implement the outline of the national fitness program and the outline of the Olympic glory program; study, draft and draft the laws, regulations and policies of the city's sports work, and organize their implementation.
2、 And to carry out the city's long-term sports development plan.
3、 We should carry out the national fitness program, guide and carry out mass sports activities in the whole city, implement the national physical exercise standards, and carry out national physical fitness monitoring.
4、 We should make overall plans for the development of competitive sports, study and balance the setting and layout of city wide sports competitions and competitive sports, and organize and carry out Anti Doping work.
5、 To guide and coordinate the units directly under it to undertake international and domestic sports competitions, to organize comprehensive sports competitions in the whole city, and to prepare for and participate in the national urban games.
6、 Carry out the relevant foreign-related work guidelines and policies, and carry out sports exchanges and cooperation with the international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.
7、 We should study and draw up plans for physical education, organize and guide sports scientific research, strengthen the ideological work of sports workers, train sports cadres and professionals, and guide the sports work of social organizations.
8、 To study and formulate the development plan of the city's sports industry and develop the sports market; to formulate the employment conditions and approval procedures for the sports business activities of the whole city and organize the implementation.
9、 To be responsible for the planning and finance, labor and salary, and cadre and personnel management of organs and institutions directly under it.
10、 Complete other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.

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