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  • May I ask when the Changchun international marathon will be held in 2020 and when?

    2020-03-29 22:04:17

    According to the requirements of the State General Administration of sports, the major events will be suspended during the unstable period of the epidemic. The Changchun marathon will be organized according to the epidemic situation and higher level regulations, and will be released to the public in different ways. Reply: Changchun Sports Bureau 2020.04.01

  • When does the Changchun fitness center begin?

    2020-03-06 14:02:47

    Thank you for your attention to sports. The project is commissioned by the Municipal Construction Commission's building management center. Our bureau has been actively reporting to its superiors to help coordinate and solve related matters. 2020-03-09 14:08:14

  • Why do we not get information about the entry of weiqi on the Internet? Is Changchun's go game information not publicized online? Suggestions and other Weiqi relatively good city learning, Weiqi information publicity on the Internet, such as Beijing, Tianjin and so on.

    2019-11-26 16:12:19

    For the activities of associations and mass organizations, please consult the Sports Federation telephone number 88466619. 2020-11-27 10:18:39

  • How many seconds does the 10 year old girl swim in the 50 meter freestyle swim?
    How do we get into the provincial professional training team? Thank you

    2019-10-17 11:43:03

    First, if we want to participate in the national competition, we must register athletes in Jilin Sports Bureau to represent Jilin Province in the corresponding age group competition. Second, there is no professional team in our province at present. 2019-10-18 15:26:41

  • Hello, I am going to attend a national Handicapped Track and field meet. If the score reaches two, what kind of material do I need to go to your unit for two level athlete certificate?

    2019-08-13 22:27:13

    Hello, at present, we do not have the grade assessment and basis of disabled athletes issued by the state. We have never handled the grade certificate for disabled athletes. 2019-08-14 16:30:36

  • I would like to ask how many sports associations and districts in the five districts of Changchun city are distributed, and where to inquire?

    2019-06-11 09:05:09

    There are 4 sports venues under the Changchun Sports Bureau open to the public free of charge, 7 in Chaoyang District, 13 in Nanguan District, 5 in Green Park, 1 in the open area, 3 in two areas, and 1 in the net area. Thank you for your concern and concern about sports work. Please consult the Changchun Sports Federation on the related issues of Sports Association, Tel: 88466619. 2019-06-11 09:07:37

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Hello, friends from all circles in Spring City: first of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the cadres and workers on the sports front of Changchun for their concern and support for many years. The establishment of the letter box of the Secretary of the Changchun Sports Bureau is an important measure to widen the service channels and enhance the service functions. It is also an important carrier to listen to the people's livelihood, understand the public opinion, serve the people and invite the people to supervise. We hope that the general public can make comments and suggestions in time through the mailbox. We will always pay attention to and give feedback at any time. The mailbox is a window for us to serve the community and serve the public. We will provide you with convenient, high-quality, efficient and accurate services on the Internet. At the same time, we will also use this window to receive supervision. And make this mailbox become our new bridge and link, and provide convenient channels for all sectors of society to understand spring city sports, consultation related policies and supervision services. Thank you for your coming. Sincere greetings and best wishes. Liu Haiyu, director of Changchun Sports Bureau

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